College View Crafts  

Crafts & Accessories

Wishing Well Planter
Well has hollow bottom to cover well caps or tree
stubs, plastic plant holder included
Dog Toy Box
17"W x 21"H x 12"D
Dog toy box, lid opens for easy storage
 of toys, dog pulls toy out bottom
Birdhouse plant stand

Birdhouse with light
BirdHouse Bench
Strong enough for everyday use or simply for decoration
Wooden Tote
Tote/storage box, also check out our
autumn/Christmas tote

BirdHouse on Post
Birdhouse on post, with lights
Light-up Lantern & Post
Electric lantern with berry ring, pressure treated post
Birdhouse on Post with Light
Large birdhouse on post comes with grapevine and light in
back which shines through holes

School House
Sign reads, "School House"
Church House
Sign reads, "As For Me & My House We Will Serve the Lord"
Barn Yard House
Sign reads "The Barn Yard

Birdhouse on Stake
Berry Grapevine Hear

Burgundy/Cream Berries with 3 stars
Burgundy/Cream Berries
Watering Can
Burgundy/Cream Berrie

Lantern Iron Centerpiec
Pumpkin Iron Centerpiece
Berry Basket

Large Basket
Pocket Star